On June 21, our member CorPower Ocean invited representatives from the ocean energy sector to take part in the unveiling of their new Wave Energy Converter (WEC), CorPower S3. The event was initiated with a technical seminar, where several presenters talked about the history of CorPower, the development and technology of the WEC and finally the prospects of wave power in Europe. First out among the speakers from CorPower was the founder and CEO Patrik Möller. In addition to him, several guest speakers were invited from project partners and financiers who participated in the development of CorPower S3, such as Cascade Drivers, Swepart Transmission and Siemens.

Reliability was a recurring theme for both mechanical performance and software. Jakob Sagatowski of CorPower pointed out in his speech that “Reliability is king”. RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) has together with OffshoreVäst and its partners, driven and participated in several projects with reliability in focus over the past year. Pär Johannesson from RISE introduced the VMEA methodology in his presentation, including guidelines that has been developed in the RiaSoR (Reliability In A Sea Of Risk) project. In addition to this, the seminar also included several British speakers from Quoceant, EMEC and Wave Energy Scotland.

The seminar ended with a demonstration of CorPower S3 in KTH’s machine hall. This gave the participants the opportunity to see the buoy in operation in simulated waves using a 500kW test rig.

Next up for CorPower Ocean? Scotland and additional tests at EMEC.