With installation activities underway in Holyhead, Wales, marine energy developer Minesto is closing in on demonstration of the unique Deep Green technology in Utility Scale for the first time. Today, Minesto has published an interview with the company’s Chief Operating Officer David Collier, where he explains the scope and process of this world’s-first low-flow tidal stream installation.

The interview is available to view at Minesto’s web site. In it, David Collier explains that the installation consists of three main phases. In the first phase, the gravity base foundation structure and the micro grid system buoy will be installed. That is followed by installation of the tether, which moors the DG500 device to the foundation on the seabed. Thirdly, the “kite” itself, the DG500 power plant, completes the installation process, after which commissioning commence.

As previously stated, the commissioning will also be performed in stages. First, a number of steps will be gone through to verify the control system and other functionality, before moving on to electricity generation.

“We are very confident that this will demonstrate successfully the benefit of the technology: the fact that it can work in sites such as we got offshore Holyhead, and other sites around the world, and can provide a baseload of renewable energy around the world at a utility scale. This for us, is what we have been working towards. This is for us a very exciting time in the development of this system”, says David Collier.

Source: Minesto