Seabased, a Swedish wave energy company, is partnering with Infocom Connect to provide renewable energy for commercial projects in Sri Lanka. The first project, a 1-to-5 MW installment, will power a fish farm. Fish farming is a mainstay of the country’s economy, especially as Sri Lanka has been working to reduce overfishing in the coastal waters and increase use of sustainable techniques for providing fish for consumption and export.

Several entities in Sri Lanka have approached Seabased about creating wave energy installations for the island, which has an area of roughly 25,000 square miles with more than 21 million inhabitants. The interest has led the leadership of the largest electricity company in Sri Lanka, the Ceylon Electricity Board, to plan a visit to Seabased in May. The country is aiming to gradually increase its renewable energy capacity to become 100 percent powered by sustainable energy by the year 2050. This project with Infocom Connect was a good place for Seabased to begin working with the country to help bring that about.

“This project is the first of what we hope will be many,” said Seabased CEO Øivind Magnussen. “The wave climate and eagerness to increase the dependence on renewables make Sri Lanka an ideal early customer for Seabased. Partnering with Infocom Connect was an important step. Much of the early work of introducing the world to wave energy, such as site selection and permitting, requires local knowledge and support. Infocom has those relationships, and a strong reputation in the communities it serves. Our partnership will benefit our two companies, our investors, and the countries and communities where we work together. At Seabased our motto is People, Planet and Profit…all three.”

Infocom Connect, a telecommunications company that operates largely in the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and Africa, is moving into the renewable energy industry. They have a deep network in parts of the world that are ideal candidates for wave energy because of the wave climate and limited options for renewables.

Infocom Connect Managing Director John Crawford said that many countries where they work are eager to switch from fossil fuels to renewables but scarce land or high prices of some renewables make that difficult. Seabased provides an excellent solution. “Wave energy is ideal for many of these markets and Seabased is a leader in this emerging industry. They have an impressive technology and track record. I look forward to many more joint projects in the future.”

Source: Seabased