Our member SeaBased announced yesterday that they have inked one of the largest commercial contracts in the wave energy industry with TC’s Energy, a renewable energy company in Ghana. The deal for a 100 MW wave energy plant near Ada, Ghana, was signed yesterday at the head office of Ocean Energy Europe.

Seabased CEO Øivind Magnussen who met with Anthony Opoku (CEO TC’s Energy) in Brussels said:

“This is a very exciting day for Seabased, and one both companies have been preparing for diligently for years. The necessary studies, permits and PPA are all in place, and we have the experience of a successful pilot under our belt. We feel well-prepared to step into this final phase of manufacturing and delivering the wave park […] We are proud to be working with TC’s Energy, a pioneer in the commercial development of the fantastic wave resource in Ghana,”

According to Rémi Gruet, CEO Ocean Energy Europe, the deal is a world first and a bold step towards commercialization for wave energy.

TC’s Energy, which holds a power purchase agreement for 1000 MW with Electric Company of Ghana Ltd, will own and operate the wave plant. Seabased is contracted to design, manufacture, and install the turnkey wave energy park with an option for local final assembly of non-core technology as the project scales up. This would create local jobs in Ghana. Additional jobs would be created in operations and maintenance of the wave park, according to a memorandum of understanding.

“This contract marks the culmination of a long process toward building Africa’s first utility scale wave park, and we hope will lead to the expansion of renewable energy across Ghana and West Africa,” said Opoku. “The commercial viability of Seabased’s mechanically simple, yet robust design appealed from the beginning. It is very well suited for the wave climate of Ghana.”

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Source: Seabased