In the upcoming conference Ocean Energy Europe 2016, two of our members will not only attend the event but also speak during a session called Wave showcase: Steel and saltwater. Patrik Möller, CEO Corpower Ocean and Mikael Sidenmark, CEO Ocean Harvesting, will talk about their respective technologies. The session itself is described by Ocean Energy Europe like this:

“Wave energy is the largest untapped renewable energy source in the world, and the prize for developing commercial technology is huge. European technologies are leading the race for this prize, but other regions, such as the US, are chasing hard.  This session showcases the latest technology developments from some of the most advanced wave energy companies globally. Presentations will focus on lessons learned from recent deployments, and outline plans for future technology development.”

Chair: Declan Meally, Head of Emerging Sectors, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)

Full list of speakers:

  • Andrea Gulisano, Commercial Director, Wave4Energy
  • Patrik Moller, CEO, Corpower
  • Heikki Paakkinen, CEO, Wello (tbc)
  • Mikael Sidenmark, CEO, Ocean Harvesting
  • Chris Ridgewell, CTO, AW-Energy
  • Tim Mundon, Chief Engineer, Oscilla Power