Next Wave2 Kicked off aiming to collect data from lab testing

June 26, 2020

The project kick-off of NextWave2, financed by the Swedish ENergy Agency, took place last week, online. The consortium consists of Safradar, Corpower Ocean, Ocean Harvesting and RISE. The goal of the NextWave2 continuation project is to further develop the cost-effective radar-based sensor including the software to predict the wave height and the period of incoming waves. Further development focuses on using two different radar prototypes to improve and describe the accuracy that can be achieved with the radar technology. This is done by taking the knowledge from the NextWave project with signal processing, prediction and the expected  equirements to test radar in a controlled environment / wave basin, implement more continuous data collection with the next generation radar type that can lead to a more continuous analysis of wave data for real-time prediction, improve predictive algorithms and the time horizon further with the help of AI which also takes into account other input data such as weather conditions and describe effects on LCoE. Develop a plan for a pilot and demonstration project for wave guards and wave prediction.

A successful project and final product will allow wave energy developers to increase their power output significantly based on active control.

For any questions, please reach out to:

Johannes Hüffmeier,