The Swedish Energy Agency recently released a new Ocean Energy Program, a continuation of its previous Marine Energy Conversion program. 105 million Swedish SEK has been allocated to help support the Swedish ocean energy sector and possibly increase its export.

Tobias Walla, Administrative Officer, Swedish Energy Agency:

“By this new investment, we will strengthen the international connection. This will be done by including our international cooperation like OCEANERA-Net Cofund and IEA OES.”

The new program is based on the Energy Agency’s Ocean Energy Strategy which was published in 2017. The vision of the program is to support environmentally friendly, sustainable, Swedish ocean energy concepts. The program will go on between 2018-2024.

Within the program a call is planned for each year, not counting possible calls within the international cooperation. The first call is set to open in May, more information about this can soon be found on the Swedish Energy Agency’s website.

Source: Swedish Energy Agency