In a press release this morning, our member Minesto made it clear that they intend to expand their commercial roll-out of the Deep Green technology. The plan is to increase the planned capacity of the tidal energy array to 80 MW which they hope will make the project even more attractive and create early opportunities for sales of Deep Green power plants. By scaling up the Holyhead Deep project to 80 MW the installation and manufacturing costs will also be reduced.

Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto, was quoted as saying:

“This expansion enables economies of scale without us having to conduct parallel and costly site development. We will be able to take greater advantage of the asset base of our operational organisation, partner collaborations and the supply chain in Wales and the UK”.

Minesto intend to develop the Holyhead Deep site in three phases as part of a deploy-and-monitor approach. This gradual expansion will see Minesto taking the Deep Green technology from demonstrator to full industrial roll-out in North Wales.

For additional information please contact:

Dr Martin Edlund
CEO, Minesto AB
+46 31 29 00 60

Magnus Matsson
Communications Manager, Minesto AB
+46 70 570 75 08