What is Virtual Access?

VA is the free of charge provision of access to widely used resources needed for research that are openly and freely available through communication networks.  MaRINET2 currently offers 3 VA services;

  • HOMERE, a wave hindcast database produced by IFREMER
  • Windbench, developed by CENER, a web portal for managing repositories for the verification and validation of wind farm models
  • Skipheia Met Station, NTNU, which contains 2 x 100 meter met masts providing data collected by ultrasonic anemometers

The service does not have any restrictions regarding usage when it comes country, anyone can use it.

A step by step description of how to access the VAS (Virtual Access Service) can be found here.

What is MaRINET2?

It is a €10.5 million project which includes 39 organisations representing some of the top offshore renewable energy testing facilities in Europe and globally. The project depends on strong international ties across Europe and draws on the expertise and participation of 13 countries.

Source: http://www.marinet2.eu