Press conference in Ghana

On April 25th, a press conference was held in Accra, Ghana, as Seabased and TC’s Energy unveiled their plans for developing the 100 MW Wave park. As previously reported, Swedish wave technology developer Seabased is contracted to deliver a 100 MW wave energy plant near Ada, Ghana.

According to Seabased, the wave park will be manufactured, delivered and installed in several phases. The 100 MW contract is for just under $200 MUSD. Final stage negotiations for financing of the complete wave park are ongoing and involve both European and African private investors, private financial institutions, and public funding institutions. They are expected to conclude positively within Q2 2018.

“This contract marks the culmination of a long process toward building Africa’s first utility scale wave park, and we hope will lead to the expansion of renewable energy across Ghana and West Africa,” said Anthony Opoku, Chief Executive Officer of TC’s Energy. “The commercial viability of Seabased’s mechanically simple, yet robust design appealed from the beginning. It is very well suited for the wave climate of Ghana.”

“We are proud to be working with TC’s Energy, a pioneer in the commercial development of the fantastic wave resource in Ghana,” said Seabased Chief Executive Officer Øivind Magnussen.

Seabased is contracted to design, manufacture, and install the turnkey wave energy park. As the project scales up, so will local final assembly of non-core technology. This will create local jobs in Ghana. Additional jobs should be created in operations and maintenance of the wave park, according to a memorandum of understanding. TC’s Energy, which holds a power purchase agreement for 1000 MW with Electric Company of Ghana Ltd, will own and operate the wave plant.

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Source: Seabased