EU Energy Summit

Patrik Möller, CEO, Corpower Ocean, was invited as speaker at the EU Energy Summit in Brussels and participated in the debate panel lead by commissioner Karmenu Vella. The technology coming out of both Corpower and Minesto is essential to the future European energy mix. Commissioner Vella pointed out that Europe is already a world leader in marine energy. With excellent natural resources, world-class marine and offshore engineers and highly motivated entrepreneurs “the stage is set for success”, Vella said. He highlighted the progress made in offshore wind and noted:

“Over the next decade, ocean energy could well go down a similar path. And the European Commission is determined to support this development to the best of our ability”.

Martin Edlund, CEO, Minesto, also participated at the event and said:

“Minesto is the marine energy developer that has so far enjoyed the greatest financial support from the EU. The progress in the wind power industry shows how the public sector is strongly contributing to the creation of new industries. Blue energy is next in line.”


Europeean Commission