On this page we gather important publications from the sector.


Powering Homes Today, Powering Nations Tomorrow – Policy solutions to deliver ocean energy industrial roll-out (ETIP Ocean)


Ocean Energy – Key trends and statistics 2018 (OEE)

Workshop on identification of future emerging technologies in the ocean energy sector (European Commission)

Market study on Ocean Energy (European Commission)

OES spotlight on ocean energy (OES)

Ocean Energy implementation plan (European Commission)


Supply chain of renewable energy technologies in Europe: An analysis for wind, geothermal and ocean energy (European Commission)

Study on Lessons for Ocean Energy Development (European Commission)

OES strategic plan 2017-2022 (OES)

Havsenergistrategi (Swedish Energy Agency)

OES Annual Report 2017 (OES)

Omvärldsanalys (Maritima Klustret i VästSverige)

Spotlight on Sweden (Wave & Tidal Energy Network Magazine)

Ocean Solutions Report (SDSN Northern Europe)

An Integrated Framework of Ocean Energy Sector Challenges (TP Ocean)

An International Vision for Ocean Energy (OES)


Ocean Energy Status Report: 2016 Edition (European Commission)

Annex IV 2016 State of the Science Report: Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy Development Around the World (OES)

Ocean Energy Strategic Roadmap (OEE)

Strategic Research Agenda for Ocean Energy (OEE)


OES Annual Report 2015 (OES)

International Levelised Cost Of Energy for Ocean Energy Technologies (OES)


Blue Energy – Action needed to deliver on the potential of ocean energy in European seas and oceans by 2020 and beyond (European Commission)

Wave and Tidal Energy Market Deployment Strategy for Europe (SI Ocean)

Wave and Tidal Energy Strategic Technology Agenda (SI Ocean)

OES Annual Report 2014 (OES)


Blå energi – En strategisk innovationsagenda för marin energy (OEC: Chalmers)

Ocean Energy: Cost of Energy and Cost Reduction Opportunities (SI Ocean)

OES Annual Report 2013 (OES)