Ocean energy will play a major part of our future as the need for renewable energy sources will only increase. Together with solar and wind energy, ocean energy provides an alternative to fossil energy as the energy content in the ocean movement is very large. However, companies today face technical and economic challenges.

Ocean Energy Sweden is a business and innovation network consisting of Swedish companies developing products and systems in the area of ocean energy. The network will grow to include suppliers, universities, research institutions, test centres and others.

The main purpose of this network is an increased interaction and cooperation between companies in the sector, ultimately aiming for cost efficient products, systems and commercial projects. Focus will be on networking, joint development projects and commercial activities.

Ocean Energy Sweden will also be a platform for the presentation of developments and opportunities in the ocean energy sector, including the different companies and organizations involved. This will be done through a web site, social media and joint activities with regard to national and international industry conferences.

Ocean Energy Sweden is supported by OffshoreVäst, an innovation platform for industrial development within the offshore sector in Sweden.